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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


  • Billy is astonished by the sheer size of the Cowboys players, and he contemplates how only America could produce such titans.
  • A few of the Bravo guys run off to get as many signatures as they can, while Billy hangs back. He never really saw the point in autographs, and the players make him uncomfortable, anyway.
  • A few of the Cowboys, especially Octavian Spurgeon, start asking Billy about what it's like to be in battle, and they're extra interested in what it's like to kill people. Yay violence, apparently.
  • Billy finally gets a moment alone with Dime and tells him about Faison.
  • The thing Billy desperately needs from Dime is advice on how not to lose Faison…but Dime thinks that Billy's delusional for thinking there's any potential for something real.
  • Ennis, the Cowboys' equipment manager, offers to give Dime and Billy a behind-the-scenes tour.
  • The sheer amount and variety of equipment is staggering.
  • Billy asks for something for his headache, and despite the fact that there's probably a half-ton of various painkillers an arm's reach away, Ennis says he can't give him any.
  • Dime asks Ennis to sign his football.
  • When the players gather for Norm's pre-game inspirational speech, Billy is struck with an idea: why don't they send these guys to war? How could anyone ever defeat these giant, invincible, brutal monsters?
  • After team prayer, Octavian summons Billy over again. He and a few buddies want to ride with Bravo for a few weeks to help kill some insurgents. You know, just on a volunteer basis.
  • Billy tells the guys to join the Army.
  • Haha, yeah, okay, Billy. You funny.

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