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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

If in The Future You Tell Me This Is Love, I Will Not Disappoint You

  • Whoops.
  • Some corporate minion has completely forgotten about Bravo in the post-halftime madness, and the guys left there, standing around with their thumbs in their pockets.
  • Sykes is still crying, and he doesn't even know why. All of the Bravos feel like they've just been put through the wringer, though—that's for sure.
  • Roadies disassembling the stage start to yell at the Bravos to get the heck outta there, but the Bravos stay put. No one's given them their orders yet.
  • One thing leads to another, and then there's a massive brawl: Bravos vs. Roadies.
  • The cops bust up the fight, and the Bravos assess their minor injuries: a black eye for Crack, a split lip for Lodis, and an injured ear for Mango from a roadie headlock.
  • The cops point the Bravos toward the home sideline, where they can find out where they should go next.
  • Faison finds the Bravos first, and she gets pissed that the guys have just been left to fend for themselves that way. That's not how you treat your guests.
  • The Cowboys have had problems with those roadies before—turns out they're pretty aggressive and domineering.
  • Now all the cheerleaders are getting a kick out of comforting the wounded soldiers, and Faison and Billy take the opportunity to DTR. (That's Define The Relationship, for the record, folks.)
  • Billy and Faison trade digits before she has to get back to work. She tells him to meet her at the 20-yard line again.

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