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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

A Private in the Infantry

  • The Bravo guys arrive at the stadium two hours early, in the freezing rain, and because no one knows what to do with them yet, they're stuck sitting in their seats.
  • Billy is miffed that he's stuck on the aisle seat, because he'll have to interact with more people by sitting there.
  • Billy feels like Sergeant Dime has been singling him out more than usual lately, and that makes Billy uncomfortable to the max.
  • Albert's ultimate goal is to get $100,000 per Bravo member for each of their life stories to be made into a movie starring Hilary Swank, and he's working his butt off.
  • Albert had promised the Bravo boys a deal by Thanksgiving (two days before they have to ship back to Iraq), but it's becoming more and more obvious that that's probably not gonna happen.
  • Aha: here's where we get the back-story as to why Billy joined the Army.
  • Billy had two choices: go to jail for demolishing his sister's ex-fiancé's Saab and then chasing said "pussy-boy" with a crowbar, or join the Army. He figured the Army was better than jail, so here we are.
  • Why'd Billy destroy the guy's car, you ask? Well, his sister Kathryn—the shining star of the family—had been engaged to this guy for a while when she got into a terrible, disfiguring car crash. The fiancé couldn't take it, and he cruelly broke off the engagement. Billy figured he needed to do something to defend his sister's honor, and destroying the guy's prized car seemed to fit the bill.

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