Study Guide

Bird by Bird Genre

By Anne Lamott


Memoir, How-To Guide

This book really is a super great deal: here we get two for the price of one again. In addition to a funny and honest take on Lamott's own life as a writer, we also get a how-to guide for getting through our own writing.

Wouldn't you want to know all the things that were going through Suzanne Collins' head when she first decided to write The Hunger Games? Or what small and funny things happened to J. K. Rowling when she was making up the crazier Harry Potter characters? Or how Stephen King felt when he had a super bad writing day? Or how they all got famous?

Well, Lamott is brave enough to supply that kind of detail about her writing life, plus dish about her adventures as a single mother and member of an eccentric California family with a writer dad.

And besides, she also tells you how to survive writing your own novel, how to get unstuck when you've got writer's block, and even how to get published, if you're super lucky. And why there are other things about writing that are even cooler than publication.

It's like buying How to Survive Your Research Paper and discovering it was written by Rick Riordan.

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