Study Guide

Bird by Bird Part 2, Chapter 18

By Anne Lamott

Part 2, Chapter 18


  • Radio station KFKD broadcasts jealousy, according to Lamott, and it's one of the hardest things on the station to shut down.
  • If you keep writing, probably other writers who seem less deserving of success are going to do spectacularly well. It may be hard not to feel jealous if this happens.
  • Lamott describes in great detail how these kinds of scenarios play out. She reiterates that jealousy is an occupational hazard of being a writer, and she says that there are basically three things that help: 1) Getting older. 2) Talking about it until the fever breaks. 3) Using it as material.
  • It also helps if you can get someone to help you start chuckling about your jealousy.

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