Study Guide

Bird by Bird Part 4, Chapter 26

By Anne Lamott

Part 4, Chapter 26

Finding Your Voice

  • Yeah, Shmoopers, it's not that easy to summarize a chapter about finding your own voice since, you know, you can't actually summarize something like voice. So we're gonna make it real simple:
  • 1) Writers need to find their own voices.
  • 2) Writers can try out writing in other people's styles as a way to find their own.
  • 3) Finding your voice as a writer will probably involve finding out what truths you most care about and what way of talking about them is your own.
  • 4) That's probably going to involve facing all your own personal angst and frustration, along with the things you find most beautiful and amazing in life.
  • 5) You'll probably feel somehow like you're coming home when you finally do start to find your voice.
  • Lamott says this a lot better than we do. Just go read the chapter again.

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