Study Guide

Black Beauty Chapter 27

By Anna Sewell

Chapter 27

Ruined, and Going Down-Hill

  • Recovering from his injuries, Beauty is kept alone in a meadow for a few months. He likes the freedom, but he's lonely, especially missing Ginger. Finally one morning Ginger arrives in the meadow, but although their reunion is happy, it seems Ginger's health has suffered, too—as Beauty says, she's been "ruined by hard riding" (27.1).
  • Lord George insisted on riding Ginger in a hunt, ignoring warnings that Ginger wasn't fit to race. Although she finishes near the front, her back and lungs are strained from the race. "Here we are, ruined in the prime of our youth and strength, you by a drunkard and I by a fool" (27.2), Ginger remarks.
  • They enjoy their time in the meadow together until one day the Earl and York come to see them. The Earl says that he's upset the horses are ruined, not just because of the money wasted, but because they belonged to his good friend. He says that Ginger's probably got a year left, but Beauty must be sold because of his knees.
  • The Earl and York discuss finding a good home for Beauty, and Ginger laments, "They'll soon take you away, and I shall lose the only friend I have, and most likely we shall never see each other again. 'Tis a hard world!" (27.8). You said it, sister.
  • A week later, Robert comes to take Beauty away, and he and Ginger neigh a sad goodbye to each other, unable to do much more. So painful.
  • Beauty is sent by train to a livery stable, which is very uncomfortable because the stalls are on a slope. His new master seems to make an effort to care well for the horses, though, which is hopeful.

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