Study Guide

Black Beauty Chapter 33

By Anna Sewell

Chapter 33

A London Cab Horse

  • Beauty's new master, Jeremiah "Jerry" Barker, is a London cab driver, and Beauty immediately likes him and his family: "I have never known such a happy, merry family before or since" (33.1), Beauty says. Jerry owns his own cab and another horse named Captain, a tall, white, elderly horse, "high-bred, fine-mannered," and "noble" (33.1). Captain is a veteran of the Crimean War, and Beauty promises more details on that later.
  • Jerry's family actually comes out to make friends with Beauty on his first morning there—so sweet—bringing him treats, which he loves. (Us, too). Jerry decides to call Beauty "Jack" after an old horse.
  • When Jerry puts Beauty in the cab for the first time, he takes great care to make sure Beauty is comfortable: "There was no bearing rein, no curb, nothing but a plain ring snaffle. What a blessing that was!" (33.5).
  • Beauty meets Jerry's colleagues, including someone called Grey Grant or Governor Grant.
  • Initially, pulling a cab through the crowded streets of London is stressful and hard to get used to, but Beauty praises Jerry's driving ability and credits him with making the adjustment fairly painless. Plus he almost never whips Beauty and trusts Beauty to work hard.
  • Jerry cares for Beauty very well in the stable, too, with plenty of good food and fresh water. The horses only rest on Sunday, which is much-needed, and Beauty has time to learn more about Captain's life.

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