Study Guide

Black Like Me Chapter 15

By John Howard Griffin

Chapter 15

November 24, 1959

  • Back to the hitchhiking, which also means back to the sketchy questions about sex. Oh, with an added side of murderous threats. Wonderful.
  • Lucky for Griffin, when he doesn't play along with this perverted guy's game, he gets kicked out of the truck.
  • After a while Griffin gets picked up by a black guy who offers him a place to stay for the night. They don't have a lot, but the man, his wife, and his children give Griffin a very warm reception.
  • The kids especially love Griffin. He's like a new toy, and when he shares a Milky Way bar with them it's like he did a magic trick.
  • Even though he's surrounded by all these nice people, Griffin is pretty emotional. He feels isolated from the rest of humanity because of his black skin.
  • It probably doesn't help that he's also missing his daughter's birthday. Well, at least he's not in a creepy hotel.
  • After he leaves the family and the children, he rides on a bus to Montgomery. When he gets there, he calls his wife and talks to his children.
  • He's tired of being black. Lucky him: he can stop this experiment.