Study Guide

Bleak House Allusions

By Charles Dickens

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Literary and Philosophical References

Biblical References

Historical References

  • Wat Tyler's peasant revolt (2)
  • Lady Jane Grey (5)
  • Lord Wittington, Lord Mayor of London (6)
  • Tooting Orphanage Farm scandal, where cholera killed 150 in one year (10)
  • Police Act of 1829, which created the Metropolitan Police Force (11)
  • Prince Charles Stuart, claimant to the English throne (21)
  • George IV, The Prince Regent (23)
  • Guy Fawkes Day (26)
  • The belief that humans could spontaneously combust, as affirmed by a bunch of doctors (33)
  • Daniel Dancer and John Elwes, famous misers (39)

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