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Bleak House Chapter 67

By Charles Dickens

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Chapter 67

The Close of Esther's Narrative

  • (Esther finishes the thing.)
  • This chapter is like the part at the end of a movie where they freeze-frame each character and tell you what happens to them after the movie ends.
  • So: Esther and Woodcourt live happily ever after (surprise). They have two daughters and she enjoys being the doctor's wife (a nurse, in effect). They've built an addition to their house for Jarndyce to come and stay anytime.
  • Caddy and Prince are happily married and run a big dancing school. They have a deaf daughter (this is in the days before sign language and schools for the deaf, so it's a difficult disability). Prince is now lame, so Caddy does all the teaching. Mr. Jellyby still comes by every evening. Mrs. Jellyby has abandoned Africa and is now working on getting women into Parliament.
  • Ada has a son named Richard Jr. They live in the original Bleak House with Jarndyce as a father to her and grandfather to him.

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