Study Guide

Bless Me, Ultima Chapter 11

By Rudolfo Anaya

Chapter 11


  • Antonio's quiet bestie Cico seeks him out.
  • They visit the garden of Narciso. It turns out the town drunk is a heck of a gardener.
  • Cico takes Antonio to see the golden carp. Get ready, people, things are about to change big time.
  • The golden carp arrives, in all its glory. In it, Antonio sees a god different from the God of his mother's church. Things are getting complicated.
  • Cico tells Antonio that only a few people can see the golden carp.
  • While by the water, Cico talks about the presence of the river, and lets Antonio in on a little secret: one day the golden carp will bring destruction and rid the town of sin. Yay?
  • Later, Antonio dreams of the destruction that will come at the hands (fins?) of the golden carp.
  • Through his dreams, Antonio starts to understand the cyclical nature of all things.