Study Guide

Bless Me, Ultima Chapter 14

By Rudolfo Anaya

Chapter 14


  • Antonio returns to school where he's teased about Ultima being a witch and Andrew visiting the prostitutes at Rosie's. Yeah, we can see how that might get awkward.
  • The boys fight with Antonio and a free-for-all ensues, but nobody gets in trouble because it's the first day of school, and everybody just kind of laughs it off. 
  • But it's not all fun and games, either: Samuel warns Antonio that Tenorio seeks revenge on Ultima and Narciso.
  • With too much ice and snow on the ground, the girls and many of the kids stay home from school. Unfortunately, it's the day that Antonio's class is supposed to perform the Christmas play. 
  • So the boys will have to jump into the roles, many of which were supposed to be played by the girls. The problem is, the boys have no idea what they're doing.
  • Honestly, the scene of the play devolves into pure comedic madness. There's vomit, yelling, boys in drag, animals tipping over, dolls getting beheaded, punching, yelling, and just about anything else one could ever want in a farce. It actually sounds pretty excellent, if you ask Shmoop.
  • After the play ends in chaos, school's out for the winter break. 
  • Antonio braves the snowstorm and tries to make his way home. On his way, though, he witnesses a fight between Tenorio and Narciso. Once again, Tenorio threatens impending harm to Ultima.
  • The fight gets broken up, and Narciso wants to warn his old friend Ultima, but the snow is too much for him. He goes to find Andrew to tell him to go home and warn her. Antonio follows Narciso.
  • Antonio's heart sinks when Narciso goes to Rosie's and finds Andrew laughing with a prostitute. Andrew blows off Narciso's warning and goes back inside.
  • This can't be good.
  • Narciso gathers his strength, battles the snow, and heads off to warn Ultima. Unseen, Antonio follows.
  • A gun shot rings out! 
  • Tenorio has ambushed Narciso and shot him.
  • Antonio runs to Narciso, but it is too late to save him. Then things take a turn for the even worse when Tenorio raises his gun on Antonio.
  • But he doesn't shoot. Phew.
  • Narciso asks Antonio to hear his last confession, which Antonio obliges. And then Narciso passes away beneath the juniper tree. We'd be remiss if we didn't point out that this is the second violent death that Antonio has witnessed in his young life. Here's hoping he gets himself a good therapist.
  • Antonio runs to tell his dad, but then slips into a fever dream.