Study Guide

Bless Me, Ultima Chapter 2

By Rudolfo Anaya

Chapter 2


  • Ultima's arrival gives a little boost to everyone in the house. Antonio's sisters, Deborah and Theresa, find extra time to play, because Ultima does a lot of the chores they used to do. Plus Antonio's mother is happy because she now has someone to talk to and to share the work of the house with. 
  • And Ultima's presence makes Antonio's father happy, because he can now tell one more person about his desire to move West to California with his family when his older sons return from the War. 
  • But most importantly, Antonio is happy, because he spends time walking with Ultima and learning about the herbs and plants that grow in the area. Fun with botany.
  • Chavez comes to the house. He's a mess because his brother, the town sheriff, has just been murdered in cold blood by a man named Lupito.
  • Antonio's father joins Chavez and the rest of the manhunt for Lupito.
  • Unknown to his father and the other men, Antonio sneaks out into the night to watch things play out. Yeah, this can't end well.
  • Lupito, who's "war sick" and raving about Japanese soldiers, makes his way along the river as the men search for him.
  • Antonio comes face-to-face with Lupito. 
  • And that's when the men open fire and kill Lupito.
  • Which means Antonio watches Lupito die. Now, you think this event alone would be enough for young Antonio to deal with, but this starts a trend that will kind of be a curse for the kid. He winds up seeing several people die, but Lupito is the first. This event marks a huge change in Antonio's life.
  • Sick and feverish, Antonio dreams as Ultima nurses him back to health after the events of the night.