Study Guide

Bless Me, Ultima Chapter 20

By Rudolfo Anaya

Chapter 20


  • School ends again, and Antonio talks to his teacher about growing up. It's not all that easy.
  • After failing so many times, Antonio beats the Vitamin Kid in a race. Only, there's no joy in it, because the Kid didn't even run. Instead, he walked slowly across the bridge with a girl named Ida.
  • Meanwhile, Tenorio's footprints have been found near the house. His second daughter is dying, and he once again holds Ultima responsible. 
  • Téllez, an old friend of Antonio's father, arrives at the house in a state of near madness. His house is tormented by supernatural occurrences and his family is suffering greatly. Antonio's father, always the rational one, tries to justify what's happening until finally, Téllez asks Antonio's father to come to his house to see for himself.
  • When he comes back from the visit, Antonio's father seems shaken to the core. He can't explain the things he's seen at the house of Téllez, so he asks Ultima to help. 
  • Ultima will help, and she will take Antonio and his father with her. She believes the problem stems from the ghosts of Comanche Indians who are being manipulated by brujas. 
  • Darkness envelops the house as they arrive, and stones start to fall from the sky. This just got real.
  • Antonio and his father prepare for a ritual, and when Ultima performs it, the curse is lifted. Yay.