Study Guide

Bless Me, Ultima Chapter 21

By Rudolfo Anaya

Chapter 21


  • Cico and Antonio see the golden carp again. Again, Antonio is moved by its power and beauty. Cico tells Antonio that he must choose "between the god of the church, or the beauty that is here and now" (21.40-42). 
  • They decide that it's time to tell Florence about the golden carp. 
  • They arrive at the water where the children swim to find Florence, but the kids are yelling about something being wrong. Florence dived underwater, and he's been down too long. 
  • Cico dives down into the water and pulls up poor Florence's drowned body.
  • This is the third death that Antonio has witnessed in person. That's quite a lot of death for a tiny tyke like him. Still, with all the foreshadowing going on, it's a good bet he'll see at least one more person die before it's all said and done.