Study Guide

Bless Me, Ultima Chapter 6

By Rudolfo Anaya

Chapter 6


  • Nerves. Sadness. Terror. It's the first day of school!
  • Before Antonio heads out, his parents argue about his future once again.
  • As Antonio prepares to split for school, Ultima blesses him. The blessing hits Antonio like a whirlwind and he starts to question whether the power of Ultima is equal to the power of God. Tall order, we say.
  • Antonio meets the Vitamin Kid on the bridge and loses his first race to the Kid. See, the Kid is really fast, though probably not as fast as Usain Bolt. But, you know, close.
  • Antonio gets called to the front of the class, because he can't read, write, or really understand English. The other kids laugh at him. Nothing like getting singled out on the first day of school, right? That's some good teaching right there.
  • Antonio eats by himself, but he eventually finds other outcasts and finds that he is not truly alone.