Study Guide

Blood Meridian Chapter 10

By Cormac McCarthy

Chapter 10

  • As the days go by, Glanton and his men get comfortable with the fact that the Apaches are probably not following them. One day, the kid sits fixing a leather strap when an ex-priest named Tobin chats him up about life and stuff. Tobin talks about how the judge can master any skill he's put to and how he speaks all kinds of languages, including Dutch.
  • Tobin then tells a creepy story of how he and Glanton's gang first met up with the judge. They were out in the middle of the desert and they found the judge just sitting and waiting for them on a flat rock. We're talking out in the middle of nowhere. No one even knew where the guy came from.
  • In any case, the judge joined Glanton's crew and pretty soon, there was a group of Aboriginal warriors hunting them. The men had no gunpowder to defend themselves with, so the judge took them into some mountains and chipped off enough nitre and sulfur for them to make their own gunpowder. So crafty! Then they massacred the pursuing Aboriginals and took all their scalps.
  • When Tobin's finished with the story, the kid asks him what the judge is a judge of. But Tobin tells him to keep quiet or else the judge will hear him. It seems like this judge guy is just becoming more and more of a mystery.

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