Study Guide

Blood Meridian Chapter 3

By Cormac McCarthy

Chapter 3

  • The kid is lying asleep naked one day when a dude on a horse comes looking for him in a bunch of trees. It turns out the kid's been robbed of nearly everything he owned. The rider wants to offer him a chance to join a gang led by some dude named Captain White, especially after hearing about how the kid killed the bartender back in the last town.
  • The dude promises the kid new clothes, a horse, and a rifle if he joins the gang. It turns out that Captain White wants to head down to Mexico to keep fighting the Mexicans, even though the war between Mexico and the U.S. is officially over.
  • The kid agrees and the rider takes him to meet Captain White, who is angry that the Americans have allowed the Mexicans to take control of land that America rightly won in their last war.
  • The gang fixes the kid up with a new horse and a rifle and some clothes. In one bar, though, they get talking with an old religious guy who says they're all insane for riding into Mexico the way they are. He says they'll all die.

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