Study Guide

Blood Meridian Chapter 4

By Cormac McCarthy

Chapter 4

  • The kid sets out for Mexico with Captain White's crew. But the journey is a brutal one. Within the first ten days, four men in their crew get sick and die out in the desert.
  • Eventually, they come across a mud hut with no one in it. But they know someone's around because the coals are still warm. They search and find an old man hiding in the nearby stable. The old man can only babble, so they take him away and by next morning, he's gone.
  • A few days later, Captain White looks through a spyglass and sees a small group of Aboriginal people herding a huge group of cattle over the desert. Captain White figures that he should kill these riders. But just then, he realizes that there is something hiding behind the giant herd of cattle: it's a massive group of Aboriginal warriors riding on ponies and ambushing Captain White's group.
  • The Aboriginals ride directly into Captain White's group and slaughter everyone in sight.

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