Study Guide

Blood Meridian Chapter 6

By Cormac McCarthy

Chapter 6

  • The prisoners wake up the day after the kid's arrival and we learn that the guy he has recognized among the group is Toadvine. No one knows how Toadvine found himself to be in this prison too, but the kid doesn't ask.
  • Toadvine seems confident that they'll get out of this jail, though the kid doesn't know how.
  • While in prison, the kid and Toadvine make friends with a dude from Kentucky who's a veteran of the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). The dude likes to tell all kinds of stories about different fighters and their levels of preparation. Eventually, he tells a story of how a group of Mexicans massacred a bunch of Aboriginal people who were having a funeral in a cave.
  • While marching through the desert again, the prisoners run into a bunch of other groups riding through the area. At the front of one of these groups is the judge, the dude that the kid met back when he first met Toadvine.
  • The next day, the judge sees the kid and smiles at him. Later on, Toadvine says that the leader of the group (which the judge is in) is a guy named Glanton. It looks like The Mexicans are going to pay Glanton a bounty on every Aboriginal scalp he can bring them, and Glanton is looking for some rough recruits. In other words, he's fixing to get the kid and Toadvine out of jail so they can join him. Three days later, they're out of jail and riding with Glanton's crew.

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