Study Guide

Blood Meridian Chapter 9

By Cormac McCarthy

Chapter 9

  • When they see the Apaches heading their way, Glanton and his crew tie up their horses and hide in some bushes. They're not ready to make the same mistake that Captain White's did when they underestimated the Apaches. But it's no good. The Apaches have seen them and have started shooting arrows their way.
  • It looks as though they have fought the Apaches off, since the warriors have turned away and disappeared. But even after Glanton's crowd has been riding for a day afterward, they don't really believe they've escaped.
  • They find an old cart with dead people inside and ransack it for guns and supplies. Then they head up a rock face to get to higher ground and make sure no one's after them.
  • They eventually come upon an old mine and find four men living there. One of them has been shot through the chest by someone, meaning that there's been recent fighting at this mine.
  • The judge spends some time examining the rocks in the mine and talking about how old the world is. Some of the men try to argue that the world's only a few thousand years old according to the Bible, but the judge insists that God speaks through bones and rocks and that rocks don't lie.
  • The next morning, a young boy living with the miners is found naked and dead, face down in mud. No one knows what happened to him.
  • Glanton's crowd leave the mine and head back onto the desert plains. They kill some deer and eat them. They come upon another group of riders, but it's just a group of Mexicans looking to sell meat at a distant market. The two groups pass each other without having to fight. This might be the first time that's happened in this entire book.

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