Study Guide

The Blood of Olympus Chapter V

By Rick Riordan

Chapter V


  • Reyna, Nico, and Coach Gleeson Hedge appear over Italy with the Athena Parthenos statue in tow.
  • They're falling through the sky toward the gaping mouth of Mount Vesuvius, so they have to shadow-travel (teleport) again immediately.
  • They do, and they end up crash landing in Pompeii.
  • Not a good place to be. A volcanic eruption that kills everyone leaves a lot of unhappy spirits behind.
  • Nico, a son of Hades, is able to keep them away while he's awake, but a boy needs his beauty rest.
  • And *snore* he's out. Shadow-travel is draining.
  • Coach Hedge agrees to keep watch so Reyna can sleep, too, and off she goes to dreamland.