Study Guide

Epona in Blood Red Road

By Moira Young


Before we start, we need to let you guys know that this Epona bears no relationship to Link's legendary steed from The Legend of Zelda, though they both share a name with a Celtic horse goddess. Yeah, we were devastated, too.

This Epona is a member of the Free Hawks who gets forced into cage fighting. In fact, she's the reason Saba connects with that merry band of female warriors in the first place. Later, when Saba heads off to Freedom Fields, Epona decides to pay her back for her help and join her in battle.

Sadly, Epona gets trapped in the King's Palace after the other heroes escape—an event that forces Saba to kill her friend out of mercy. It's one of the toughest moments in the novel. It also reminds us of the very real stakes underneath all of this action and flirtatious banter.