Study Guide

Blood Red Road Friendship

By Moira Young


Chapter 6

What was I thinkin of, trusting a stranger? Even if she can be trusted, what if she cain't pull it off? (6.487)

Saba's big issue is that she doesn't trust anyone except Lugh—which might be justified given the whole Miz Pinch debacle. Still, she'll learn sooner or later that she'll need some help if she wants to make it out of Hopetown in one piece.

The Angel of Death don't talk to nobody. That's how I like it. [...] I'll hafta be careful about how I do this. (6.268)

The entrance of the Free Hawks changes everything. For the first time ever, Saba is forced to rely on and trust a stranger for something so important. She's not a big fan, as you might imagine.

So you'll leave all them fighters, she says, the one stole by slavers jest like you an yer sister was, you'll leave 'em in this place. That's the kinda person you are. (6.554)

Luckily, Ash arrives in the nick of time to give Saba the verbal smackdown of a century. This is the first time that Saba is actually challenged to be sympathetic to others, and given her selfless actions following the destruction of Hopetown, we think she passes the test with flying colors.

I'm fine with everythin up to the point where the Hawks smuggle me through the gauntlet. After that, I got other plans fer me an Em. (6.315)

Of course, the truth is that Saba has no plans to be a true friend to the Hawks. Instead, she just wants to manipulate them and use them for her own ends. That's pretty rude, especially because those girls are putting their lives at risk to save her. Whatever happened to paying it forward?

The girls in the cellblock stay silent. They don't do much talkin to each other an sure as hell they don't talk to me. (6.183)

Saba never had friends growing up outside of Lugh, so she's not exactly the most sociable person in the world. And that goes double when she's a cage fighter. Not exactly the best time to meet a BFF.

Chapter 7

If you ever need me, she says, If you need the Hawks, send Nero with this an we'll come. Wherever, send this ring an we'll be there. (7.245)

Although Maev decides not to travel ahead with Saba in her search for Lugh, she promises to send help if she ever needs it. And by help, of course, we mean a gaggle of kickbutt lady warriors. We wish our friends would send us a gaggle of kickbutt lady warriors, but hey—you win some, you lose some.

C'mon, Saba, she says. I ain't yer enemy, I'm yer friend.

My friend, I says.

That's right. Yer like me. Yer a survivor. (7.51-53)

Maev is Saba's first real friend. Although there are some real differences between the two girls, they seem to understand one another and have the capacity to be unflinchingly honest about their thoughts.

Friends don't owe, she says. Friends don't repay. (7.249)

We're definitely using this next time we borrow a few bucks from our bestie to get some Taco Bell. It'll work like a charm.

Chapter 8

You wanna know what's wrong? It's this...crowd of people trailin behind me, slowin me down, an I'm sick of it, that's what's wrong! (8.243)

Although Saba accepts the company of her fellow warriors, there are still many times when she'd rather do everything on her own. We certainly respect her for this sense of independence on a certain level, but even she knows that she'll need all the help she can get.

Chapter 9

Lugh glances around. I never knew you had so many friends, he says to me. Thank you. Thank ya'll. (9.432)

Oof—we know you meant it as a compliment, Lugh, but that sounds like a diss to us. Jokes aside, we're pretty sure that all of these folks love Saba enough to count Lugh as a friend, too.