Study Guide

Blood Red Road Summary

By Moira Young

Blood Red Road Summary

Saba and Lugh are twins born on Midwinter's Day. That's a big deal, because their dad is obsessed with the stars. Oh, yeah—and did we mention that they live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? That might be relevant. We don't know exactly what went down to create this wasteland, but it sure seems nasty.

One day, a group of men approach the twins' isolated home and capture Lugh. Pa strangely acts like he knew that this would happen; he even predicts his own death in a hail of bolt fire seconds later. Devastated, Saba goes off in search of Lugh, followed against her wishes by her little sister Emmi. They meet up with a family friend named Mercy who tells them they should start by going to Hopetown.

While traveling, Saba and Emmi are captured by a cruel woman named Miz Pinch and her husband Rooster. Miz Pinch wants to make Saba a cage fighter in Hopetown. And she does. As a fighter, Saba earns a brutal reputation and becomes known by the nickname "The Angel of Death." That's metal. She also learns from a fellow fighter that Lugh was taken to Freedom Fields, where the King—Miz Pinch's son—holds an annual human sacrifice ritual.

Saba breaks out with the help out the Free Hawks, a rough-and-tumble team of female warriors. She also develops a close bond with Jack, a charming thief (translation: they flirt a lot). After escaping Hopetown, Team Saba has a big showdown with Miz Pinch and the King that ends with all of their foes seemingly dead. That was...easy.

The squad heads to Darktrees, the Free Hawks' home base, where Jack mysteriously pops back into the picture, claiming that he knows the way to Freedom Fields. Saba and Emmi head off once again, this time guided by Jack.

After meeting up with two Free Hawks and a few of Jack's friends, the group makes it to Freedom Fields on the day of the sacrifice. To their shock, the King is very much alive. Yikes. Jack creates a diversion by flooding the King's drug fields and Saba is able to sneak Lugh away to safety.

But the King has one more trick up his sleeve. He kidnaps Emmi, and after pretending to make a deal, he launches an ambush on our heroes. Just as all hope seems lost, however, the Free Hawks suddenly appear and turn the tide of battle in the good guys' favor. Also, Saba kills the King again, and we're pretty sure it'll stick this time.

With that, our heroes go their separate ways. The Free Hawks return to Darktrees while Jack heads off to take care of some business, though he promises to reunite with his new ladylove. As for Saba, she reunites with Lugh and Emmi and heads off once again into the wild unknown.