Study Guide

Blood Red Road Chapter 2

By Moira Young

Chapter 2

The Trackway

  • Saba and Emmi are walking along a stretch of open country known as the trackway while Nero flies overhead. Emmi complains a lot, and Saba is a bit mean, and it's all a real bummer.
  • After two days of following the tracks, Saba sees a huge range of desert opening up ahead of her. This place is known as "Sandsea" (2.50).
  • Apparently, this place wasn't always a post-apocalyptic wasteland—it was once populated by people known as the Wreckers, who built big cities. That's all we know so far, however.
  • After three days, Emmi is so exhausted that Saba is forced to drag her along with a tree branch. It's pretty miserable for all parties.
  • Saba struggles to understand her father's obsession with fate and the stars, especially given the fact that he seemed to have already known about Lugh's captors.