Study Guide

Blood Red Road Chapter 7

By Moira Young

Chapter 7


  • After Saba settles in at Darktrees, she tells Maev everything she knows. Maev claims not to have heard of Freedom Fields, however.
  • But now for more important thingsā€”a quick bath in the stream. It's been a while.
  • As Maev and Saba skinny dip, someone approaches. It's Jack. He tells Saba that "fate" has brought them together because he knows the way to Freedom Fields (7.132).
  • Saba isn't eager to accept his help, especially because the whole thing is so suspicious, but she doesn't have any other choice. She agrees.
  • Later, Maev tells Saba that she'd send some Free Hawks with her on the journey, but they have a "territory dispute" of their own to deal with (7.165). Lame.
  • Before Saba, Emmi, and Jack leave, though, Maev gives Saba a gold ring and tells her to send it back with Nero if she ever needs help.