Study Guide

Blood Red Road Fate and Free Will

By Moira Young

Fate and Free Will

Saba hates the idea of fate, but everything in Blood Red Road seems to be lining up as predicted. Her father was obsessed with star-reading and other fun ritualistic magic, but she never believed in it until he predicted his own death and her twin brother's kidnapping. That's freaky. Want to know what's even freakier? Saba starts having dreams that accurately predict the future, too. Boom. Mind blown. Although Saba continues to struggle with her belief in this mystical mumbo jumbo, the evidence just keeps on stacking up.

Questions About Fate and Free Will

  1. Are Pa's abilities legitimate? Justify your answers.
  2. Are Pa's prophecies connected to the King's ritual? Why or why not?
  3. Perform a close reading of one of Saba's dreams. What does the dream say about her character?
  4. Why does Saba resist the idea of fate?

Chew on This

Pa's abilities are not legitimate, because he is unable to make it rain.

Pa's abilities are legitimate, because he accurately predicts Lugh's kidnapping.