Study Guide

Blood Red Road Friendship

By Moira Young


The post-apocalyptic desert of Blood Red Road isn't the best place to make friends, but Saba doesn't exactly have other options. She may be tough, but she's never had to socialize with others, especially because she's always had an unbreakable bond with her twin bro Lugh. Everything changes after Lugh is kidnapped, however. Forced to fend for herself for the first time, Saba finds solace in the kindness of strangers, eventually developing a handful of close relationships. For Saba, making friends is a whole lot more intimidating than fighting to the death in a steel cage, but the reward is well worth the effort.

Questions About Friendship

  1. What leads Saba to begin trusting Maev?
  2. Why is Saba hesitant to make friends? Are her reasons justified?
  3. How do the Free Hawks show their loyalty to Saba?
  4. Does Saba benefit from her friendships? If so, how?

Chew on This

Having grown up in isolation, Saba simply lacks the social skills to make friends.

Although Saba is hesitant to accept others' help, she would have had a much worse outcome had she not made real friends.