Study Guide

Blood Red Road Man and the Natural World

By Moira Young

Man and the Natural World

Blood Red Road takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, so it's fair to say that the relationship between humanity and the natural world is a bit tense. As the story goes, there was a once a group of people known as the "Wreckers" who lived here, building huge cities that sound suspiciously like the ones we inhabit today. Due to some unspecified disaster, however, this thriving planet denigrated into the set of Mad Max.

We mean that in a bad way.

The novel follows a group of young people as they traverse this diverse and dangerous land, struggling to survive and understand the ecological disaster that decimated their world.

Questions About Man and the Natural World

  1. What do we know about the Wreckers? How is this information delivered?
  2. What is Saba's relationship to the natural world?
  3. Compare and contrast the novel's different settings.
  4. How can the novel's universe be related to the real world? What does this teach us?

Chew on This

By not specifying what caused the apocalypse, the novel makes us realize that environmental damage is a cumulative phenomenon.

Saba has a close relationship with the natural world, as evidenced by her bond with Nero.