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The Bluest Eye Three Act Plot Analysis

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Three Act Plot Analysis

Act I

Pecola's family begins to fall apart. Her father tries to burn down her house and her parents are constantly arguing. This, coupled with the constant bullying and teasing she gets at school, leads Pecola to start wishing she had blue eyes. Pecola believes that if she possessed blue eyes, her life would improve dramatically.

Act II

Pecola is raped by her father while washing the dishes in the kitchen. He rapes her again when she is lying on the couch. She tries to tell her mother, but Pauline doesn't believe her.


Pecola invents an imaginary friend to talk to her and affirm her. In a delusional state, Pecola believes her eyes have turned blue. She spends her days walking through town, picking through trash, and staring at her eyes in the mirror.

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