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Claudia MacTeer in The Bluest Eye

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Claudia MacTeer

Claudia is the primary narrator of the book. An inquisitive, sensitive young girl growing up in Lorain, Ohio, Claudia is the product of a loving family. Her narration is interesting in that it moves back and forth between her reflective, adult stance and a more innocent, childlike one.

Claudia is somewhat of a rebel figure throughout the novel. Unlike Pecola and Frieda, Claudia tries to actively resist popular beauty icons like Shirley Temple. Instead, she identifies with Jewish women and other, less popular childhood stars like Jane Withers. When she receives a white baby doll for Christmas, she completely dismembers it!

Claudia's rebellious nature also comes out in the way she treats Pecola. Rather than tease her as her peers do, Claudia is consistently kind to Pecola throughout the novel, going so far as to say that she loves her and feels genuinely guilty about Pecola's fate.

At the end of the novel, Claudia and Frieda spend the entire summer selling marigold seeds in order to buy themselves a bicycle. Once they learn of Pecola's pregnancy, they sacrifice their seed money as a payment to God, in the hope that he will allow Pecola's baby to survive.

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