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The Bluest Eye Autumn, Chapter 2

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Autumn, Chapter 2

  • The narrator presents a history of Pecola's house. Over the years the house has been a pizza joint, a Hungarian bakery, a real estate office, and a place where gypsies lived. But before all that, the Breedloves lived there.
  • The Breedlove house has three rooms: a kitchen, a bedroom and a living area, which the Breedloves call the "front room."
  • Everyone in the family sleeps in the same room.
  • The sofa is described. It was bought new but the fabric split down the back before it arrived. The store refused to take responsibility for this, so the family is forced to keep a horribly ripped couch while continuing to make monthly payments on it.
  • Everyone in the house hates the sofa.

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