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The Bluest Eye Summer, Chapter 11

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Summer, Chapter 11

  • Somewhere on the edge of town, Pecola is talking to an imaginary friend.
  • Pecola is looking in the mirror at what she believes are her blue eyes. Her imaginary friend keeps bothering her, telling her to stop looking at herself in the mirror all the time.
  • Pecola tells her friend that she's just jealous of her blue eyes. She says that everyone in town is so jealous of them that they won't look at her or talk to her anymore. Pecola says her friend is the only one who ever tells her that her eyes are pretty.
  • Pecola wonders why she never saw her friend before, and the friend says Pecola never needed her before.
  • They start talking about Cholly and how he raped Pecola twice. The friend asks Pecola why she didn't tell Pauline about the second time. Pecola says Pauline wouldn't have believed her, and that she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. She only wants to talk about her eyes.
  • Pecola begins to worry that somewhere out there, someone has bluer eyes than hers. She worries that her eyes aren't blue enough and tries to look for the person with the bluest eyes.
  • Pecola's friend says she won't play with her anymore. She says she's going away for a while, but she'll be back.
  • Claudia takes up the narration again. She describes seeing Pecola sometimes after her baby died. Pecola spends her days walking up and down the street, flailing her arms like a bird and picking through trash.
  • Claudia and Frieda ignore Pecola when they see her, not out of fear or repulsion, but out of guilt that they failed her.
  • Claudia says that some people loved Pecola, including herself, the Maginot Line, and Cholly, but that love is only as good as the lover.

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