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Boardwalk Empire What's Up With the Ending?

By Nelson Johnson

What's Up With the Ending?

Things are finally looking up for Atlantic City. Gambling is now legal; Donald Trump is chilling "on the bridge of his $30 million yacht, the Trump Princess" (12.1) after investing massive sums into giant, garish casinos; and for the first time in decades, the regular people that live and work in Atlantic City are optimistic about the future.

If there's one thing you should've learned by now, however, it's that good times can't last forever. Atlantic City actually took a marked downturn after the publication of Boardwalk Empire, with many analysts predicting (for the umpteenth time) the city's demise.

This shouldn't be anything new to longtime Atlantic City residents. The city has gone through more dramatic changes than Madonna, at one moment seeming like the happiest place on earth and the next like an urban wasteland. So yeah, we think it would be unwise to count Atlantic City out—you should always bet on the house.