Study Guide

Bomb: The Race to Build-and Steal-the Worlds Most Dangerous Weapon Chapter 35

By Steve Sheinkin

Chapter 35

End Game

  • Lona Cohen, spy and courier for KGB agents in New York, is in Santa Fe to meet with Ted Hall.
  • However, after several attempts to meet Hall, he's a no-show—Hall, it seems, has gone MIA.
  • Fuchs, on the other hand, manages to convey to Gold complete descriptions of their plutonium bomb design, as well as a technical description of the uranium bomb used on Hiroshima.
  • Fuchs makes Gold promise they'll always be friends, and they split a BFF broken-hearts necklace as a keepsake of their love for each other. (Just kidding—but Fuchs does express his hopes that someday they can meet openly as friends and discuss less horrifying subject matter.)
  • Ted Hall knows he's missed a bunch of meetings with his courier, but he just couldn't get away at the time.
  • He finally meets up with Cohen, and Hall gives Cohen his final report.
  • Cohen has a really close call with FBI agents and soldiers inspecting her luggage at the train station, but some quick thinking and ingenuity allow to her get away with her precious information.
  • Both Fuchs's and Hall's reports make their way to Leonid Kvasnikov, the guy in charge of the KGB's New York offices, and he concludes that they're legit and really thorough.
  • This information allows the Soviets to begin truly building their own atomic bomb by October—and it's an exact copy of the American bomb.

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