Study Guide

Bomb: The Race to Build-and Steal-the Worlds Most Dangerous Weapon Prologue

By Steve Sheinkin


May 22, 1950

  • Our story begins as Harry Gold frantically races around his apartment trying to destroy seventeen years of evidence. Things aren't going well for this dude—he keeps finding incriminating papers everywhere.
  • FBI agents Scott Miller and Richard Brennan are at his door. They've already spent days trying to figure out if Harry is a spy, and this search is their last ditch attempt at proving it.
  • The agents strike gold (pun intended) when they find a map of New Mexico tucked into a Principles of Chemical Engineering book (what—you don't have, like, three copies of this text?). It even has an "X marks the spot" on a bridge in Santa Fe. Oops.
  • Harry Gold realizes his jig is up. He's exhausted but almost relieved to finally stop having to pretend he's something he isn't. He decides to come clean to the agents and tell his whole story.

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