Study Guide

Women Who are Mentioned Once in Bomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon

By Steve Sheinkin

Women Who are Mentioned Once

Barbara Chevalier

Barbara Chevalier was Haakon's wife.

Knut Haukelid's Mother

One seriously courageous woman, Haukelid's mom refused to give any information to the Nazis when they interrogated her about her son's whereabouts. Instead she ominously told them "You will find out when he comes back." Boom, baby.

Kitty Oppenheimer

Kitty was Robert Oppenheimer's wife.

Melba Phillips

Melba was the poor, unfortunate date Oppie abandoned in order to take a walk to think about science and stuff.

Charlotte Serber

Charlotte was the wife of Robert Serber, Oppenheimer's right hand man. When Oppie became worried about the rumors circulating around Los Alamos, he asked her and her husband to go into town and spread their own rumor that they were making an electric rocket.

Jean Tatlock

Tatlock was an ex-girlfriend of Oppenheimer's who was a known member of the Communist Party. Oppenheimer visited her during his work on the Manhattan Project to carry on a love affair, which got him even further into hot water when his own political affiliations were later questioned.

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