Study Guide

The Book Thief Chapter 28

By Markus Zusak

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Chapter 28

The Struggler, Concluded

  • Death tells us that in a few pages it will bring together the stories of Liesel and Max.
  • Max's legs are hurting badly, and he's almost to Molching.
  • He's in Molching now, and it's nighttime.
  • Paranoid as always, he's on the lookout for anyone who might suspect he's a Jew.
  • He has his suitcase and Hitler's book.
  • He finds 33 Himmel Street, and he's too afraid to feel relief.
  • Feelings of extreme guilt wash over him—guilt over letting people "risk their lives for him" (28.21).
  • He takes the key from his pocket and holds it so tight in his fist that it cuts his hand.
  • Now he leans against the door and takes the key out of his fist.

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