Study Guide

The Book Thief Chapter 32

By Markus Zusak

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Chapter 32

The Wrath Of Rosa

  • Liesel has fallen asleep, but when she hears Rosa's voice, she wakes up.
  • She thinks Rosa is going to explode when she sees what's going on in her kitchen.
  • Instead, she seems serious and worried.
  • She also looks happy because the Jew is eating her pea soup and not "complaining" (32.7) about it.
  • Then Max throws up.
  • He apologizes profusely. He's been too long without food, and his stomach doesn't know what to do with Rosa's soup.
  • Liesel is in the hallway, and she sees how worried her parents look.
  • They seem like completely different people, people she's never seen before.

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