Study Guide

The Book Thief Chapter 41

By Markus Zusak

Chapter 41


  • Meanwhile, Max is writing his book. It's coming out as "a series of sketches […] which to him summed up the events that had swapped his former life for another" (41.8.).
  • The book is for Liesel, when she's a little older.
  • One day when Max falls asleep, Liesel steals a glance at the book.
  • (You'll want to look at your book for this part. There are two illustrations.)
  • The first illustration is of Hitler standing on something high; people are below him saluting.
  • The second illustration shows a happy looking man and woman standing on top of a huge pile of bodies. There's a sun with a swastika inside it.
  • Liesel hears Max talking in his sleep and is frightened.
  • She goes back upstairs, still frightened.

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