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The Book Thief Chapter 46

By Markus Zusak

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Chapter 46

The Snowman

  • Liesel turns thirteen in February 1942.
  • Max has fallen down on her bed.
  • On the day before Christmas, Liesel brings Max some snow, as a present.
  • He loves it.
  • So she brings in more and more.
  • Max, Liesel, Hans, and Rosa get into a snowball fight in the basement, and then they make a little snowman.
  • Max loves his present, but gets sick soon after.
  • A few days before Liesel's birthday, Max comes to Hans, by the fire, and shows how sick he is.
  • Rosa is the one who hears him, and she gets everybody in action right away.
  • Max falls unconscious in Liesel's bed and as many blankets as possible are put on top of him.
  • This night, Liesel hears Rosa blaming the snowman for Max's illness.
  • Hans tells her that Hitler is to blame, not the snowman.
  • Between Rosa, Hans, and Liesel, Max is checked on seven times this night.
  • The next day, Liesel gets Max's book to put near him and feels bad about peeking at it before.
  • When Hans comes in, she tells him she feels bad about bringing the snow. She doesn't understand why she did it.
  • Hans says, "you had to" (46.59).
  • Death is really proud of him for saying this.
  • Liesel stays near Max, holding his hand and praying he doesn't die.

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