Study Guide

The Book Thief Chapter 66

By Markus Zusak

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Chapter 66

The Bread Eaters

  • 1942 is almost over. During its last month, all Liesel can think about is Hans, Alex, and Max.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, it takes Liesel's mind off things when she goes to read to Frau Holtzapfel.
  • They finished The Whistler and are on to The Dream Carrier.
  • There are two more parades of Jews.
  • Liesel goes to the first one, hoping to see Max, but also knowing that not seeing Max means Max might be free.
  • The second parade happens in the middle of December.
  • Rudy shows up with a bag of pieces of bread.
  • He and Liesel ride their bikes up ahead of Molching, on the road to Dachau.
  • They scatter the bread on the road.
  • Liesel can hear Rudy's stomach making hungry noises.
  • They hide in the bushes and wait.
  • The procession is in view.
  • A Jew sees a piece of bread and stops to eat it.
  • They try to get a better view, but Rudy warns Liesel to be very quiet and still.
  • Liesel looks closely at each person and doesn't see Max.
  • More Jews stop to pick up the pieces of bread on the road.
  • Soon, some of the soldiers notice it, too.
  • They see Liesel and Rudy in the bushes and start coming after them.
  • They run, each a different way.
  • A soldier gets close enough to Liesel to kick her in the back and tell her to stay away.
  • After almost an hour, she comes back to where they began.
  • Rudy's waiting by their bikes.
  • He says, "I told you not to get too close."
  • She says, turning around, "Do I have a footprint?" (66.47).

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