Study Guide

The Book Thief Chapter 76

By Markus Zusak

Chapter 76


  • The first part of 1943 is actually looking good for Liesel. In early April, Hans is making his way home by train.
  • Now in the dark, he stands at the door of his house on Himmel Street. Four years ago Liesel first came through that door, then Max, and now Hans himself.
  • Liesel answers the door and hugs him for a very long time.
  • Rosa, Liesel, and Hans eat in the kitchen and stay up late. Hans tells them the story of his time away.
  • Liesel is happy and secure now that her Papa is back. She'll stay this way for another three months.
  • But, Death tells us, the story of the book thief will last for another three months after that.

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