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The Book Thief Chapter 85

By Markus Zusak

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Chapter 85

Death and Liesel

  • All of those things happened a long time ago, but rest assured, Death is still busy.
  • Right now Death is tired, and will try to tell us the rest "as straightly as [he] can" (85.2).
  • Death wants us to know that "the book thief died only yesterday" (85.3).
  • Liesel lives a long life, but not in Molching.
  • She dies in Sydney, Australia (hometown of our author, Markus Zusak).
  • Death says that:
    In her final vision, she [sees] her three children, her grandchildren, her husband and the long list of lives that merged with hers. Among them, lit like lanterns, were Hans and Rosa Hubermann, her brother, and the boy whose hair remained the color of lemons forever. (85.6)
  • She sees other things too, and Death wants to share them with us.

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