Study Guide

The Bourne Identity Chapter 5

By Robert Ludlum

Chapter 5

  • The men get in the elevator with Bourne. Bourne beats the tar out of them, takes a gun, and forces them to tell him what other bad guys are around. He also figures out that Koenig must have helped them, and he determines that he'll get that guy if it's the last thing he does.
  • There's a bad guy with evil gold-rimmed glasses is in the lobby. He tries to shoot Bourne, but Bourne uses a thug from the elevator as a human shield. You heard that right, folks.
  • Bourne escapes in the ensuing chaos, convincing guards to go after the guy with the gold glasses—though gold glasses guy is also clever and manages to escape.
  • Bourne wonders why he wanted the money transferred to Paris.
  • Bourne goes back to his hotel to get his things and to tell the desk to keep messages for him.
  • Leaving, Bourne ends up in an elevator with two men and a red-haired woman—who is going to be important, you can just tell. The three chat about the economics conference they're attending.
  • Bourne thinks he'll just walk out of the hotel now…but then sees the gold-rimmed glasses guy get out of a car outside the hotel. Bourne realizes he let drop a casual remark identifying the hotel while Koenig was standing by…which clearly was a bad idea. So much for being a super-professional.
  • Desperate as the killers close in, Bourne decides that he needs to get a companion to confuse the pursuit as a decoy. He kidnaps the redheaded woman from the elevator. Her name is Marie St. Jacques, and we told you she was important.
  • Bourne propels the woman through a room where a boring economics lecture is going on. The killers chasing Bourne lose him as he and Marie duck out through a back exit.
  • Marie resists Bourne, and Bourne hits her across the face—not his most sympathetic moment, though he promises her he'll let her go once they get out of the building.
  • Bourne and Marie leave the building, with Marie pretending to be happy but really not happy at all, no, no, no. They start walking through a parking lot.
  • There's a sound, and then Bourne sees the scopes of an infrared rifle. He dives, knocking Marie over, pulls his gun, sees the rifleman in a car, and shoots him.
  • Good shooting…but unfortunately all the jumping and diving and shooting has reopened Bourne's wounds from being shot and dumped in the water at the beginning of the book.
  • Bourne decides he can't let Marie go. He needs her to help him now that he's injured, and he doesn't want her going to the police. So he gets the dead man out of the car and forces Marie to drive the two of them away.