Study Guide

The Bourne Identity Chapter 8

By Robert Ludlum

Chapter 8

  • Bourne is attacked in his room but captures the assailant. He decides that the fat man must have betrayed him (though it was actually Marie). Still, everything is turning up roses, because now he's got a car he can use to get out of the city. Or so he thinks.
  • There's another bad guy in the hall, but Bourne handles him, too, and takes his car keys and a couple of guns, one of which he puts in his sock.
  • Outside, Bourne can't get the keys to work. It turns out it was a trap: the bad guys figured he'd try to take the car and set him up. So they capture him.
  • Marie identifies him…and then realizes that these men really aren't the police, after all. Bourne, suddenly gallant, tries to convince them to let her go, but they point out that she's seen them.
  • Bourne tells Marie to scream, and she starts to, but they knock her out and take her away. So much for that idea.
  • The bad guys try to break Bourne's hands by bashing them with a gun, but he covers one with the other and spares his right hand.
  • So Bourne's got a good hand and a gun in his sock. And he's the hero. The bad guys don't stand a chance.
  • Bourne races away from the dead bodies in the car to try to rescue Marie, whom the other bad guys have planned to kill and dump in the lake.