Study Guide

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapter 15

By John Boyne

Chapter 15

Something He Shouldn't Have Done

  • The rain continues for weeks, and Bruno notices that Shmuel's getting thinner and thinner.
  • It's birthday time for Bruno's father and his mom arranges a party for him and the officers.
  • On the big day, Bruno's sent to the kitchen… and whom does he find at the table? Shmuel.
  • Shmuel tells him Kotler brought him to the house to polish glasses for the party.
  • Bruno takes chicken out of the fridge and offers some to his friend. Shmuel doesn't want to get in trouble, but Bruno puts the chicken in his hand.
  • Shmuel eats it and—of course—Kotler comes in and starts yelling at him.
  • Scared stiff, Shmuel says Bruno gave him the food and that they're friends—but instead of backing Shmuel, Bruno says he doesn't know the guy at all. Can you say low blow?
  • Later, Bruno apologizes for what he did and Shmuel forgives him. He lifts up the fence and reaches his hand out; the boys shake hands. This is the first time they touch.