Study Guide

Minor Characters in Boy Meets Boy

By David Levithan

Minor Characters

Infinite Darlene

Paul's friend, a transgender football player who is also the homecoming queen, Infinite Darlene is the school gossip. Paul doesn't trust her to keep his secrets, but she's so fabulous he loves her anyway. She is frequently seen roaming the halls in full makeup and vinyl miniskirts.


Paul's ex-boyfriend who hooked up with a girl immediately after his breakup with Paul because he believed (or wanted to believe) Paul tricked him into being gay. He realizes he's bisexual, kisses Paul again, becomes friends with Tony, and starts to make peace with his sexuality.


Ted is Paul's friend and Joni's ex-boyfriend. He's heartbroken when she dumps him for the twelfth and final (?) time.


Joni's current meathead boyfriend, who's good at sports but lacks taste and culture. Chuck used to like Infinite Darlene, but when she dissed him, he went after Joni to get back at her.

Paul's Mom

The ultimate supportive parent, Paul's mom might as well be the poster mom for P-FLAG.

Paul's Dad

Although he appears only briefly, Paul's dad sticks around long enough to show Noah Paul's embarrassing baby pictures on their first date. (Thanks, Dad. Really.)


Paul's supportive older brother who drives him and Noah around a lot.


Noah's annoying little sister who dresses in pastel jumpsuits and dislikes Paul for hurting Noah.


One of the Club Kids from the Dowager's Dance planning meeting who sticks around and turns out to be cool (and gay). At the end of the book, she dances with Infinite Darlene at Paul's private pre-party on the side of the mountain.

DJ Zeke

The DJ who performs at the bookstore where Paul and Noah meet, performs at the Dowager's Dance, and serenades Noah as one of Paul's seven gifts.

Trilby Pope

Infinite Darlene's former friend and archrival who's always waiting in the wings to steal her glory.

Lyssa Ling

Paul's classmate and the head of the Committee for Appointing Committees. She puts Paul in charge of the Dowager's Dance.

Tony's Mom

A deeply religious woman who disapproves of her son's homosexuality and briefly prohibits Paul from hanging out with him. At the end she has a change of heart and allows him to go to the Dowager's Dance with his friends.